Dr. Rick Relyea


David M. Darrin '40 Senior Endowed Chair in Biological Sciences

Director, Darrin Fresh Water Institute

Director, The Jefferson Project


Our research group combines long-term field surveys, experiments, and computer models to investigate topics related to understanding and protecting freshwater ecosystems.  Our areas of interest are wide ranging:  community ecology, ecotoxicology, phenotypic plasticity, sexual selection, animal mating systems, forest inputs to wetlands, disease ecology, and invasive species.  We approach this work from multiple disciplines and we work with a diversity of aquatic organisms.


The Relyea Lab is also a collaborator in The Jefferson Project, which is the most technologically advanced initiative ever designed to study freshwater ecosystems. In this work, we have the privilege of working with a wide range of experts in biology, environmental science, engineering, cyber-infrastructure/Internet of Things, physics, meteorology, Big Data, cognitive computing, and the arts.

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