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The Campus Lab

Our campus lab is located in the Biotech building (i.e. CBIS). It houses our main lab and offices for all of our researchers.

The Rensselaer Aquatic Laboratory

The Rensselaer Aquatic Laboratory, located off campus at Tech Park, offers a tremendous facility for conducting aquatic experiments under a wide range of conditions...from highly controlled, indoor laboratory experiments to large, semi-natural outdoor experiments. At our peak each summer, we run the outdoor experiments using up to 900 "mesocosms" that simulate lakes, ponds, and wetlands.



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A portion of our mesocosm setup 

Darrin Fresh Water Institute

The Darrin Fresh Water Institute is Rensselaer's field station. Located on beautiful Lake George, DFWI contains multiple labs as well as a fleet of boats, trucks, and a 32-mile long lake!

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