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Undergraduate Research

Thinking about an undergraduate research experience?

Over the years, our lab has offered research experiences to more than 150 undergraduate students. This is always a very enjoyable experience and we invariably learn a lot from each other!


During the fall and spring semesters, we typically hire student volunteers (10 hours per week). Work duties vary each week and will include caring for live animals, identifying and measuring preserved animals from past experiments, entering data and analyzing data.


During the summer, we offer full-time, paid positions. Work duties are always interesting and include  collecting animals from the wild, rearing animals in captivity, conducting indoor and outdoor experiments, and surveying fish and invertebrates on lakes, wetlands, and streams.

Undergraduates love their experiences in our research group because we make a strong effort to involve them in every step of the research and we take the time to teach them how to be critical thinkers and well trained scientists!

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